About DiD Integration, Inc.

Founded in 1999, then Dimension Images & Design began as a Graphic Design Firm commited to providing the highest quality design services and products using the latest technologies and concepts. We Incorporated in 2000, changing our name to DiDGraphix, Inc. Quickly recognizing the increasing power and importance of the internet and related technologies, DiDGraphix began to expand its portfolio to include web design, application and database development.

Since 2000, we have had a strong history of supporting IBM products. Early on we became an IBM Business Partner, and have worked consistently with products like IBM DB2, WebSphere, and Webfacing for deploying AS/400 / System i applications to the cloud. We continue to work closely with IBM products but also work with Open Source products like Linux, Apache and MySQL Server to name a few. In 2007, as the business was evolving from it's origins in Graphic Design to Software Development and Integration, we again changed our name to DiD Integration, Inc.

Utilizing proven technologies like Java, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript as well as engaging the open-source arena with products like Linux, we are helping our clients streamline and scale their businesses for today's hi-demand environment. Efficiency and productivity are key elements in every business strategy and we can help ensure that common business practices are executed with efficiency, security and scalability. Extending our reach to the AS/400 and System i, we leverage legacy applications so our customers can continue using their proven, existing business logic while taking advantage of newer technology and UI's.

We are pleased to announce that as of May 1, 2018 DiD Integration, Inc. completed the acquisition of AgKnowledge Software and services from TechKnowledge Associates, Inc. With a history reaching back to 1990, AgKnowledge has been established as an industry leading Agribusiness platform. Since 2004, DiD has partnered with TechKnowledge to bring AgKnowledge into the cloud. Our close relationship with TechKnowledge Associates and extensive knowledge of AgKnowledge makes this acquisition a unique opportunity to continue growing the platform. Immediately, DiD will begin updating many existing applications, taking advantage of new technologies to make AgKnowledge even more powerful.


1999 - Dimension Images & Design founded

2000 - Dimension Images & Design incorporates and changed its name to DiDGraphix, Inc.

2004 - Java and web-based applications extended to the AS/400 and System i, interfacing directly with legacy applications

2005 - Began working on our first mobile web applications targeting wireless devices

2007 - DiDGraphix, Inc. changed it's name to DiD Integration, Inc.

2018 - DiD Integration, Inc. acquired AgKnowledge Software, an industry leading, cloud based Agribusiness SaaS solution.


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