Services and Solutions

Software Development

DiD Integration has over 15 years experience writing software applications with Java. From stand-alone to web-based applications and services we can can build enterprise level solutions providing stability, security and performance. In addition, we can build an API to extend your processes out over the cloud. With a well architected API, you can provide secure access to your data for the web, mobile devices, vendors and customers.

Web Applications and Services

The web is an ever-evolving platform. With Java 7, HTML5, CSS3, and new Javascript frameworks, web applications have become responsive, faster and more reliable. HTML5 and CSS3 have made way for intuitive and intelligent UI's that allow users to interact with data using controls they are already familiar with, along with many new tools enahncing their experience.

With javascript frameworks like jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js and more, the days of waiting for long screen refreshes are nearly gone. More and more, web applications allow users to interact seamlessly with backend business systems and data. Web applications have become responsive, allowing us to build screens that work across all devices be it your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Legacy Systems Integration

The AS/400 / System i has been a solid platform that businesses have many years of development invested in. In many cases, the foundation of a business's operations have been built exclusively on the system, along with the database. The time, cost and scale of re-writing the business logic with modern technologies is challenging and may even be unrealistic. Leveraging tools from IBM and Java we can extend existing legacy applications making them available to modern UI's, including web applications. Additionally, web services make your existing programs and data available online in a secure and extensible format.

Database Development and Services

DiD Integration has extensive experience working with multiple database products. Among them is IBM DB2 on the AS/400 / System i, Linux and Windows along with the vastly popular MySQL, also on Linux and Windows. From database installation, to design, to development we help our customers build stable and secure environments for storing and accessing their data. Database backups, replication and clusters are all vital components to any database and we help our customers in identifying and implementing the right plan for their business.